Geraldine O'Malley

President / Co-Founder
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Geri is our President who keeps the balance of business and family in sync.

In 1988 she began running the administration side of both the Insulation and Asbestos Abatement companies. In 2008 she started Nail Insulation & Supply, Inc.

Geri oversees the overall implementation of all company functions and objectives.

Patrick O'Malley

Patrick has stepped back to a consulting role and to allow Geri, Tracy, Kevin & Brian the opportunity to take the Companies to the next level.

Geraldine and Patrick started a couple of businesses before fully achieving their final mission of A.S.I., Inc. Together, they have put themselves aside to make A.S.I., Inc. a full family business.

Brian O'Malley

Brian began his career in the Insulation business as an insulator in 1983 and became a Project Manager in 1987. Brian is our Insulation estimator and salesperson.

In 1990, Brian was named Vice President of A.S.I., Inc. and has served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for our Insulation division ever since.

Jesse Luevano

Jesse began his career in Asbestos Abatement in 1992 as an abatement technician and soon became a Project Supervisor. In 2002, Jesse became a Chief Project Manager and estimator.

Stephanie Martinez

Stephanie began her career in Asbestos Abatement and Insulation in 1994 as General Office Manager and soon became Project Assistant to Kevin O’Malley. In 2001, Stephanie became Director of Human Resources and Contract Specialist. She currently handles all legal, insurance and compliance needs for all contracts for both companies.

Kevin O'Malley

Kevin began his career in the Insulation business as an insulator in 1980 while attending high school. He went on to study Environmental Economics with a minor in Spanish at Santa Barbara State University. He began his career in Asbestos Abatement in 1987.

Kevin began project management and estimating in 1988. In 1990, Kevin was named Vice President of A.S.I., Inc. and has served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for our Abatement division ever since.

Chad O'Malley

Chad has been in the insulation business for 23 years and is our Insulation division Project Manager for the Central Coast territories, which includes San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara.

He works directly with customers, contractors and manufacturers.

Jacque Jans

Marketing & Development
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Jacque has been with us since 2007 and worked directly with Patrick on educating our customers on spray foam. She works directly with Tracy on job cost and profit/loss data. She also helps with new economic changes in the industries, as well as job lead follow up.

She is our customer service contact for both divisions and is responsible for implementing our marketing and growth objectives.

Tracy O'Malley-Nail

Tracy received her BS at San Jose State University. In 1992 she found herself helping her Mother in the business and eventually became Account Manager in 1996.

In 1998 Tracy was named Controller of both companies and eventually Secretary/Treasurer and has served as Chief Financial Officer for all companies ever since.

Nicolette Jeans

For the past 10 years Nicolette has been doing software support and SQL report writing for financial systems in the agricultural and medical industries. Nicolette joined our team in January 2008 as an accounting assistant to Tracy and as the in house IT and software support person.

In 2011 she began to assist Brian & Patrick directly for insulation project needs.

Marc Nail

In 2008 Marc began running Nail Insulation Supply as a direct professional resource with suppliers and servicing our insulation division and HVAC contractors. He brings 35 years of sales in the produce industry.